A home renovation project can be a monumental task, especially if you are doing a complete gut of your bathroom down to the studs and building from the ground up. Bathrooms, today, have become enticing, larger-than-life spaces with innumerable facilities like a hot tub, automated toilets, heated floors, etc. While you may wish to install the most luxurious materials in your dream bathroom, every homeowner has to work with budgetary restraints.

So, whether you are doing a bathroom update or a complete remodel, there are some areas where you can save some money, allowing you to splurge on some essential elements. Outlined below are the various items in your bathroom that you can save or splurge on.

Plumbing Essentials.

If you live in an old property, the chances of faulty plumbing systems are high already. So, remodeling is a great opportunity to get the essential plumbing backlinks replaced with newer, higher-quality models. Outdated plumbing fixtures could have become dangerous due to their compositions such as lead, or got damaged and might be leaking as you can't see inside the walls. Hence, getting high-quality mold-repellent plumbing essential parts like valves and PEX fittings can be an investment that’s worth every penny. Similarly, water heating components such as a thermocouple should be of the highest quality to ensure the temperature measuring is accurate and fits the electric circuit seamlessly.

Toilet & bathtub.

If your modus operandi for this bathroom upgrade is a change of design, then sticking to a simple, streamlined toilet and standard fiberglass tub from a good manufacturer would be ideal. There are many upgraded fancy designs of toilet bowls and bathtubs available but the upkeep and maintenance of such elements may not give you a good return on your investment. 104 Plumbing Supply’s plumbing experts recommend you save rather than splurge in this area and focus on minimal, classic designs.

Faucets & shower fittings.

After saving on the big fixture parts, you have more room to splurge on top-quality faucets, showerheads, and tub faucets. These elements are actually what accentuate and add character to any space. So, opt for the most durable, well-constructed faucets and fixtures according to your preference. The options of classic or modern styles of fixtures in finishes, that last for years without looking dated, are virtually endless. In a nutshell, choose simple and classic designs but stand out with an element of a statement color or finish. 104 Plumbing Supply has the highest quality faucets and showerheads - from classics to contemporary designs - to elevate your bathroom aesthetic and make it more appealing.

So, explore 104 Plumbing Supply’s budget-friendly, stylish range of plumbing supplies. We serve areas including Rockaway Boulevard, Liberty Avenue, South Ozone Park, Richmond Hill, and more.

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