Iron cast radiators are the oldest, most commonly used radiator system which may last for decades. However, if your iron cast hot water radiator is in its senior years, frequently breaks down, and doesn’t match your modern home decor, it is time to upgrade. 

Although many types of hot water radiators are available in the market, stainless steel and aluminum bimetal hot water radiators are probably the most popular ones. Aluminum is well-known for its corrosion resistance, low density, and heat conductivity properties. Not only can it heat up much quicker than an iron cast radiator, but its sleek modern design will blend well with your home’s aesthetics. So, if you are looking to buy a hot water radiator in New York that saves you energy costs, why not invest in our high-quality Mr Radiator Wall Mount Radiator with aluminum casing? 


Here are the top features that make Mr Radiator aluminum and stainless steel radiator a more desirable choice: 

  • Lightweight and portable

  • The Mr Radiator wall radiator is made with almost 80% aluminum and 20% stainless steel components making it considerably lightweight and easily portable than an iron cast or steel radiator. It makes it an excellent installation option for mounting on any type of wall.

  • Easy to install

  • As the aluminum hot water radiators are lightweight, they require less manpower for installation. They are easier to carry and can be installed anywhere. You can install them conveniently on the wall for optimum heating while they don't require too much space for installation. 

  • Powerful heating and energy-efficiency

  • An iron cast or steel radiator usually takes longer to heat up. On the other hand, aluminum is an excellent heat conductor that can emit heat five times greater than steel counterparts in less time. Thus, they can heat up quickly while requiring less power and water to operate, increasing energy efficiency and lowering energy costs.

  • Sleek design 

  • The old iron cast radiators were available in limited design options. However, our Mr Radiator hot water radiator with the aluminum casing has sleek looks and a stunning modern design that will perfectly complement your space. In addition, its premium scratch-resistant coating will prevent it from looking outdated for a long time.

  • High-quality and durability 

  • Every Mr Radiator Wall Heater undergoes stringent quality controls. It is well built with high-quality materials, and quality checked to ensure excellent functionality for prolonged usage. So, you don’t need to be worried about repairs anytime soon after the installation. 

  • Versatile 

  • The Mr Radiator wall heater is compatible with hydronic hot water systems. In addition, it is expandable by installing additional sections if your heating needs increase in the future. Thus, it is an efficient system that may save you future costs for expanding its capacity.

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