Cast iron and aluminum radiators have been widely used for steam systems in the U.S. for many decades. They can last a long time with regular repairs and maintenance services. However, when the cost of repairs starts to increase and the system requires frequent repairs, it might be a sign that you may need to buy new Cast Iron Radiators for steam systems in your building. So, if you notice any concerning signs such as a sudden spike in the water bill, radiator leaks, faulty valves, lack of heating despite repairs, or strange sounds, you should consult with a plumbing specialist at 104 Plumbing Supply for a radiator inspection. Our licensed experts will diagnose the issue and determine whether you need radiator repair or replacement.

Replacing a cast iron radiator can be a significant expense. Thus, here are some factors to consider when deciding if you need to buy new Cast Iron Radiators for steam systems:

  • Life expectancy and repairs cost

  • The iron cast radiators usually have a long life expectancy and can last many decades when they are well-maintained and repaired timely. So, if it isn’t older than a decade, it may be fixed with repairs from a licensed specialist without needing expensive replacement. However, if your steam system or radiator is nearing its life’s end or has become too old and outdated, it could be much more challenging and expensive to replace the obsolete parts when it needs repairs. In that case, you may need to consider replacing the old system. Thus, you should consider its overall life expectancy and repair costs to determine if the replacement would be worth it or not.

  • Latest innovations

  • As the technology has become much more advanced, you can find new models of the iron cast and aluminum radiators that may be more energy-efficient, compact in size, easy to install and operate, require low maintenance, come with advanced features, and look more stylish. In that case, rather than spending money on repairing an old radiator, it might be more cost-effective to buy new Cast Iron Radiators for steam systems that can more efficiently fulfill your heating needs.

  • Type of Issue

  • Many cast iron radiator problems, such as heating issues, faulty valves, clogged air vents, or overheating, can be easily resolved with routine repairs. However, if the radiator system sustains significant damages requiring expensive repairs or parts replacement ranging from $500 to over $1000, you may want to consult with a heating specialist. You can get expert assistance from our licensed experts at 104 Plumbing Supply when determining whether it would be worth it to spend money on parts replacement or replacing the entire system, depending on the complexity of the issue and the radiator’s estimated life. 

    If you want to replace your old radiators and buy new Cast Iron Radiators for steam systems, browse our excellent selection of modern, sleek, and energy-efficient cast iron and aluminum radiators at 104 Plumbing Supply. We also provide emergency radiator repairs, plumbing parts for replacement, and many other plumbing solutions. Get in touch with our experts for an estimated quote today!